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How to Upload Property Sketches for the Report?

Posted on The GSEs now accept a desktop appraisal for a large number of loans that meet the required lending criteria. One of the requirements for desktop appraisals is to include floor plans that show the interior walls and dimensions. In addition, many traditional appraisals include a sketch of the property […]


Desktop Appraisals using

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A desktop appraisal is a property valuation completed at the appraiser’s desk without a physical inspection of the subject property but instead only using property data from assessor tax records and listings & sales data on the multiple listing service (MLS). A full appraisal on the other hand requires the […]

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Flood Information in Reports

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Appraisal forms such as UAD 1004 require flood information to be filled in along with flood maps for the area of the subject property. In, appraisal reports can automatically include flood information using our source of FEMA flood data and map information. Currently Flood Maps are supported within all […]