Profet Orders

Technology for Modernizing the Valuation Process

With Integrated Valuation & Review Platforms

Automate Order Management with custom workflows

Order Dashboard

Role based queues, Advanced Search

Supports all Appraisal Types & Alternate Valuations

Appraisals, Evaluations, AVMs, BPOs

Bifurcated Orders - Hybrids/Desktops

Unique Parent – Child order modeling enables ease of use

Intuitive User Experience

Simple to read order pages and order history tracking

Customizable Order Workflows

Implement your business process – no need to change for the tool

Panel Management integrated with intelligent Auto Assignment

Easy to use panels and DNU lists for all vendor types

Appraisers, Real Estate Brokers, Inspectors, or Property Data Collectors

AMCs can manage panels for each client

Manage panels for each client and enforce panel membership rules

Tier your panels with custom vendor selection rules

Associate panel usage rules for auto-assignment

Track Licenses and E&O Insurance

Automatically flag vendors with license or insurance lapses

Coverage Areas by county / state

Auto update potential coverage areas based on order assignments

Don't be held hostage by technology - customize it to suit your needs

Vendor Management to ensure compliance and reduce risk

Easy access to comprehensive background checks

Appraisers order their own background checks

Reputation and Disciplinary action screening

Meet GSE policies for appraiser selection criteria

Appraiser Research platform

Discover appraisers that meet your business goals – diversity, minorities

Fee Surveys

Obtain customary and reasonable fees including VA fee schedule

Accounting & Payments integrated with your accounting software

Multiple order payment options

Borrower Pays Now / at Closing, Lender Pays, Split Payments,

Manage Fee Schedules by product or county/state

Fee schedules for both client quotations and vendor payments

Receive payments and Manage payables

Receive borrower payments and automatically pay vendors

Auto generate invoices and receipts

Invoices are auto-generated for periodic billing, Compliant receipts

Modernize with integrated Valuations and Appraisal Reviews

Profet Valuation: Appraisals & Alternate Valuations

Vendors can complete their valuation within the platform

Profet Review: Automated routing for reviews

Reviewers can access the full valuation record to assess compliance

Increased transparency in the process

Know where the order stands with additional valuation & review details

Comprehensive platform for your business

Technology working for you – integrated solution for the full value chain

Business Intelligence at your fingertips

Scorecards for Vendor Performance

Track review rates, turn times, acceptance rates to score vendors

Business performance by order type, geography

Understand business performance by location or business category

Build and Schedule reports

Simple UI to build your own reports and schedule them for delivery

Appraisal Analytics for Valuation Risk Management

Appraisal repository for benchmarking and risk management

Modernize your valuation process today with Profet Orders