Appraisal Digitization

Convert your PDF Appraisal documents to MISMO XML

Excellence through better technology

  • Image Processing to improve document quality
  • Deep Learning to classify documents & pages
  • OCR + Heuristics to better data extraction
  • Real Estate Ontology to understand any document

Unlock the data in your appraisal docs for decision making and analytics

Convert First / Second generation PDF documents

  • Text or Scanned Image Docs
  • Automatic optimization for best data extraction
  • Document quality improvement via image processing

Can handle a wide range of document qualities.

Supports many standard appraisal forms

  • 1004 Single Family
  • 1073 Condominiums
  • 1025 Small Residential Income
  • 1007 Single Family Rent Schedule
  • Desktop / Hybrid variants of 1004

OCR and Machine Learning models can easily scale to any appraisal form.

Scalable & Secure cloud platform for any volume and use case

  • AWS cloud infrastructure
  • FIPS Compliant document & data encryption
  • Auto-scaling platform with distributed pipelines
  • Automatic document destruction for PCI compliance

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