Profet AVM

Built on decades of AI research in solving the hard problems in Fintech

Profet Automated Valuation Model

Combines data with multiple advanced technologies
  • Comprehensive Property Data incl. decades of history
  • Leading Data Science & Machine Learning research
  • Computer Vision to extract property data
  • Geospatial Analytics for Location, View, and Property information
  • Natural Language Process for data enrichment
  • Standardized to the RESO data dictionary

More than a half million models run in ensemble utilizing thousands of parameters to cover each local market by ZIP and Property Type

Each model utilizes numerous
AI techniques

  • Similarity Scoring using multiple strategies
  • Data-driven inference & hypertuning
  • Model segmentation by numerous criteria
  • Hedonic Regression using market specific models

Models are tested every month and continuously adapted

AVM intelligently reconciles values derived from many models
Profet HPI, Hedonic Regression, & Comparable based valuation models

Interactive AVM allows you to apply your knowledge of the market

  • Choose your own best comparables using a comprehensive search including radius/polygon neighborhood definitions, property characteristics, and sale timeframes.

  • Edit the Subject Property characteristics such as Beds, Baths, Living Area, and more.

Revalue the property in real-time for inclusion into your report

Profet AVM Report Features:

  • 95% market coverage – one the best hit rates
  • Comprehensive Property Data included in every report
  • Voluntary Lien Information
  • Listing & Deed History
  • Seamless Integration – APIs, PDF Reports or Data
  • Autoscaling platform on the cloud for your growing needs

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