Portfolio Monitoring

Actionable Insights to monitor and manage risk in your portfolio

Monitory for Market Activity

Just Listed, Just Sold, Price Changes

Analyze Mortgage Activities & Status

Payoffs, New Liens, Refinancing, LTV

Learn about Ownership Modifications

Conveyance of Ownership – family trust or quit claim

Early alerts on mortgage distress

Notice of Default, Lis Pendens, Foreclosures

Discover of Occupancy Changes

Vacant, Tenant, or Owner occupied

Flexible delivery of monitoring alerts

  • File Delivery to secure FTP
  • Pull from our APIs
  • Webhooks deliver alerts to your system
  • Match & Append

Customize alerts by combining them

  • Paid off a mortgage and still living there or moved out
  • Refinanced and rented out the property
  • Primary residence now converted to a rental

Powered by a widely used & scalable platform

  • Accurate and reliable alerting & information
  • Alerts delivered at any frequency – hourly to weekly
  • Scalable to tens of millions of properties in portfolio
  • Highly secure cloud platform

Amp up your valuation platform today