Profet Review

An automated appraisal review software to help you run a review in under a minute. It validates the appraisal for UCDP and EAD rules, performs a comparable analysis against market data, and analyzes the images to make sure you are in compliance.

Review appraisals in under a minute
UCDP & EAD rules, comp scoring, image analysis, and language intelligence

Rule Sets

Huge ready-to-go rule set organized by UAD sections. Custom Rules: Add your rules by customer and state.

Comparable Review

Automated review of the comps in the appraisal for: bracketing, data verification, and scoring.
Intuitive views of the review results for comparison to listing and public record data,

Comparable Analysis

Provide you a detailed analysis of all the available comps in the market at the time of the appraisal. Lets you understand and justify the appraiser's comp selection or suggest alternative comps. Get top 50 comps pre-ordered by similarity score.

Image Analysis

Analyze property images and attachments to ensure required photos are attached - photos by view, human detection.
Ensure licenses and maps are attached.

Bias Detection

Natural language processing accurately identifies any bias phrases in the document.
Avoid false positive alerts on bias with intelligent comprehension.

Upload MISMO / PDF

You can start the review with a MISMO or a PDF. Our OCR process will automatically generate a MISMO from a PDF document for completing the review.

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