Collateral Complexity - One Score™

Understand complexity for appraisal assignment and valuation risk assessments

One Score gives you an early indication of:

  • Appraisal Complexity
  • Loan Processing Costs: Appraisal & Underwriting
  • Valuation Risk in the collateral

Detailed Appraisal Complexity report for any residential property

Complexity Score: 1 to 100 – lower scores – simpler appraisal
Subject Property Detail: Photos, Listing/Public Record History
Comparable Properties: Best available comps
Comparable Analysis: Variance within comparable sales
Market Analysis: Subject Typical in the market or not

Machine learning models find the best comparable sales

Sensitivity to Urban, Suburban, and Rural markets

Based on comprehensive datasets trusted by lenders, AMCs, and credit bureaus.


Statistical Analysis determines if property is typical in the market

Proximity and Recency of sales are used to determine a comparable fit for appraisal

One Score™ is right for you


Understand risky collateral before starting the loan process

Complex properties reflect higher loan processing costs

Be TRID compliant – determine appraisal costs upfront


Streamline appraiser selection based on valuation complexity

Determine appraisal time and cost upfront

Optimize appraisal review workflows based on complexity

One Score helps you save time & assess your collateral risk