powers various valuation products for
Lenders, AMCs, and Appraisers


Conventional appraisals for Single Family, Condo, Small Income, or Manufactured Homes - including full or exterior-only inspections. Integrated with inspection platforms.

Hybrid / Bifurcated Appraisals

Integrations with inspection tools enable smooth exchange of data between the inspector and the appraiser. Uses all the features of traditional appraisals.


Access to comprehensive local market conditions, property details, and accurate comparable similarity scoring makes creating desktop valuations a breeze.


Fully automated comparable selection and Market Value opinion help arrive at a complete Evaluation report for human review and certification.


Capital market investors and loan servicers require a fast value reconciliation. Profet provides a comprehensive reconciliation report including comparable scoring.

Appraisal Reviews

Comparable scoring, Photo Recognition, and GSE rule sets are used to review an appraisal and provide an automated report. Available via APIs to integrate into your system.

Appraisal Complexity Reports

Know the complexity of a valuation based on how many factors - subject's variance from the market, comparable sales, proximity, etc. Helpful to understand the risk, estimate an assignment or find the best appraiser for the job.