supports a thriving ecosystem of valuation systems by opening its platform via APIs

REMarket Data APIs

Access comprehensive listing data nationwide using a single API endpoint. Data is standardized using the RESO data dictionary and contains over 550 attributes per listing.

Access to the API governed by MLS permissions and may be used within applications permitted by the MLSs.

Here is a sample list of APIs:

  • GetListingsByRadius, GetListingsByGeo, GetListingsByPolygon
  • GetListingDetails, GenerateListingSheet
  • GetPropertyHistory
  • Assessor APIs

    Assessor Data provides you details such as property identification & location, property characteristics, tax information, assessed and market values, and ownership and occupancy (absentee) information. The APIs deliver standardized data across all the counties in the US. Assessor data includes both residential and commercial properties – a collection of over 151 Million+ properties.

    Deed History

    Retrieve ownership history for any property using a single API with data standardized across all counties in the US. The deed data includes county recording dates, document identifiers, and document type to help you determine the type of transaction – arms length, non-arms length, etc.

    Inventory Analysis

    Analyze 12-month inventory trends within an area around a given property. The data is ready to be used within appraisal forms such as Universal Appraisal Dataset (UAD) 1004MC (Market Conditions Addendum). Inventory analysis is a valuable input for appraisers to make home value decisions.

    Local Market Trends

    Retrieve the local market trends for any zip code in the country. These trends are computed monthly and every residential property type (Single Family, Townhouses, etc.). Here is a sampling of the indicators:
  • Median List Price
  • Median Sold Price
  • Median List to Sold Price Ratios
  • Median List Price Per Square Foot
  • Median Sold Price Per Square Foot
  • Average Days on Market for Sold Properties
  • Average Days on Market for Listed Properties
  • Inventory
  • Absorption Rate
  • Listings Count by Status
  • Months of Supply
  • OneScore Complexity

    Our OneScore Complexity Report helps Lenders and AMCs understand the complexity, risk, and effort in valuing a property before they assign or accept a valuation order.

    The data, insights, and the analysis of the complexity report is available via an API as well.

    Flood Data & Maps

    Retrieve FEMA flood data - FIRM Panel ID, effective date, and Flood Classification for any property by address.
    The returned data includes a static map image that can be added to an appraisal report.

    Plat Maps

    Retrieve a plat map for any property by address. Includes the property boundaries and lot dimensions and lot size. Also displays the neighboring properties and the street.

    Appraisal Review

    Post a PDF or MISMO file to an endpoint and we will perform the analysis on the appraisal.
    Our AI+OCR engine will convert the PDF (first or second generation) to a MISMO XML and then run a detailed analysis of the comparable sales and listings as of the effective date of the appraisal.

    Our OneVision technology will label all the images and check for all the required photos and will also check of humans in the photos.

    Finally, all the GSE validation rules are checked based on Fannie and Freddie Selling Guides.

    If you are interested in using our APIs