Property Details

How do I get a Shareable Link for each property in

This feature is available for Subject Property or any of the comps. Clicking on the address of any property will open a window with the listing sheet. 

While on the property details page of any comp or the Subject Property, the user can click on the “Get Shareable Link” icon to generate a link that can be shared with others to view the details publicly.

Dropping this link into a browser enables the Appraiser to open a report on that property. This report can be exported as a PDF, XML, or CSV format.

If your software can accept a URL, the URL will allow you to automatically load all the data from the listing sheet for the property into your work product.

This link is useful to the Appraiser when a specific property needs to be reviewed by a colleague or customer to ensure accuracy of the appraisal report.

The shareable link can also be published on public websites to enable a larger group to view the property details.