All your MLS & Public Record data in a single location - powered by One Search

Single search across any number of MLSs

No need to download data from the MLS. Radius or Polygon Searches. Historic searches by Effective Date. Numerous Property Characteristics


Integrated Listing and Public Record data

Know when a property attribute is different in a listing and public record and make your choices or enter your observations.

Public records include: Assessor Data and Deed History.

Single standardized data model for any MLS - simplified searching

Data from every MLS is standardized to a single data dictionary from RESO. Ex: A Stock Cooperative has a consistent Property Type on every MLS

Automatic Market Conditions for the Neighborhood

One Search also enables numerous background computations – One-Unit Housing, Present Land Use, Comparable Statistics, and Inventory Analysis

Extensive property filters -
more coming soon

Numerous filters to help you narrow down your comparable properties. More coming soon:
Pool, HOA, Solar Panels, Basement Type, Waterfront, Fireplaces, Views, Garage Type, and more

One Search simplifies your appraisal analytics with numerous automations